Friday, November 30, 2007

Qt Progress

Well, of course the problem I was having with the events not working is that my meta-objects were out of date.  I don't mean this blog to become an anti-C++ rant, but it could happen.  Easily.

See, C++ (most people pronounce it incorrectly, it's "C Double-Cross") is an abortion of a language.  Mr Stroustrup crammed as much OO-ness into C as he could, and stopped only when it became unstable -- it's sort of the Peter Principle applied to computer languages.  In any case, there are significant things you'd like to be able to do in an object-oriented language that are unavailable in C++, and one of them is determining the type of an object.  So, people extend C++ in wacky ways, and the Qt people have decided to build a meta-object system that processes header files into short C++ programs that encode the type information.

Of course, what happened to me is that one of these "moc" files was out of date.  There were no obvious warnings except that the program was just unresponsive -- none of the events caused any response whatsoever.

Anyway, now things work better -- the only thing remaining for me to declare mp_edit finished is the text -- I get an error that says "QOpenGLPaintEngine: Failed to create fragment programs." whenever it tries to draw text.  I'm not sure what this means.  Still, the program is somewhat useful at this time.


Anonymous John said...


Have you figured out why "QOpenGLPaintEngine: Failed to create fragment programs." is being displayed? I work on Qt and OpenGL too and I've just started receiving these messages after a shift to SUSE 10.2.

5:41 AM  

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