Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Qt on my mac

Well, as I've said (but nobody has gotten the joke) I've gone over to the white side, and got a MacBook Pro. I'm going to be trying to port all of my code over to the mac, using the Qt library as the UI toolkit instead of my own Hui (Hammerhead UI) toolkit that I've been using for some 12 years now.

This means converting also to C++, and I suppose I have to just bite the bullet on this too.

I've ported a program over to Qt on Linux, and was trying to get it to work on my MacBook and had horrible problems.

I downloaded the Qt 4.3.2 source, configured and compiled it, and it just didn't work very well. Most of the OpenGL applications come up with a white featureless screen, as did the qtdemo application launcher. Basically, it looked hopeless -- and a plain white screen is pretty hard to debug.

However, downloading the binary .dmg version of Qt 4.3.2 things work better! Yeah!

My first program that I'll be porting is the mp_edit program, then I'll do my image viewer, and then my roto and tracking programs.

I've written a hui->qt convertor, and I'll be using that at least for the first pass of the ports.

I'm going to have to see how to draw text in the QGLWidget windows, but I don't expect that to be too challenging.


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